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Gill McCoy

10 Things You Should Know...


1. I am an Idaho native, born in McCall.
2. I have been a massage therapist for 7+ years, after 25 years in restaurant management. What a drastic change!
3. Becoming a massage therapist is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. 
4. Knowing that you had a part in helping someone feel better is the most rewarding feeling ever. 
5. I love the great outdoors, gardening, hiking, exploring, and picking up rocks. 
6. There are only 2 things in this world that really scare me, and one of them is snakes. Care to guess the other?
7. Thrift store junkie here! I like to find unique items and repurpose them. 
8. I love to cook, I make the best biscuits and gravy ever.
9. I grew up in a ski town and not once have I ever been downhill skiing!
10. I have the most amazing and wonderful clients, & I couldn't have done this without them. Thanks to all of them!

Muse Salon & Spa is one of the leading beauty venues in Boise. We specialize in the latest trends for skin and hair services. Our 4500 square foot modern salon provides a relaxing atmosphere with the most highly skilled beauty professionals in the business. 

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