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Classic Manicure - $25 and up

Includes custom nail shaping, cuticle care, and finishes with a regular polish of choice. 


Spa Manicure - $35 and up

Classic manicure with a paraffin wax treatment and a rejuvenating hand and arm massage. Paraffin wax improves circulation, helps slough off dead skin cells, repairing skin damage increasing hydration. Hands will feel softer and look more radiant. 


Hot Oil Manicure - $35 and up

A nourishing and detoxifying hot oil nail and cuticle soak. This amazing treatment removes accumulated impurities and dead skin cells, softening cuticles and helps strengthen brittle nails. Includes custom nail shaping, rejuvenating hand and arm massage and polish of choice. 


Gel Manicure - $40

New polish, zero dry time. Includes relaxing hand and arm massage, cuticle care, and custom nail shaping. Professional removal recommended to preserve natural nail health.

Express Pedicure - $25

Toe nail trim, shape and polish. (no soak)


Deluxe Pedicure - 45

Relaxing foot soak, cuticle care and finished with custom nail shaping and polish of your choice. 


Aromatherapy Pedicure - $55

Aromatic foot soak providing relief for tired, achy feet. A rejuvenating scrub removes rough dead skin and softens calluses. A foot and lower leg massage provides ultimate relaxation. Includes deluxe pedicure service with cuticle care and custom nail shaping and polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure - $65

The ultimate spa pedicure includes a relaxing foot soak removing dead skin and soften callouses with a invigorating scrub finished with a stress relieving foot and lower leg massage. The Spa Pedicure includes a moisturizing foot mask, hot towels and paraffin wax treatment. 

Detox Pedicure - $55

Cleanse your mind, body and soles with a detoxifying soak and foot scrub to remove dead skin and callouses. Includes cuticle care, nail shaping, polish and finishes with a refreshing foot and lower leg massage. 

*Precautions: Pregnant women, those with epilepsy or who have any type of prosthesis cannot use treatment. Clients on radiation or chemothereapy must wait at least 6 weeks from last treatment.


Manicure - $20

cuticle care, nail shaping, cuticle oil.


Pedicure - $35 and up

effervescent soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, callous removal, exfoliating scrub, massage.


Acrylic or Hard Gel Full Set - $50 and up

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, and gel polish of your choice

Fill/ Rebalancing - 40 and up

Acrylic or hard gel, removal of any possible lifting, cuticle care, and application of product and gel polish. 

A La Carte

Add to any service

Gel polish - $15

Gel polish removal - $10

Exfoliation and Moisture Mask - $10

Nail art - $5 and up

Moisturizing Masque (feet or hands) - $10

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