Signature Facial - 1 hr. - $70 and up

A thorough facial that includes a multi-point skin analysis and deep cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extractions (if needed), peel (if requested), treatment mask and relaxing massage.    55 minutes


Timeless Facial - 1 hr. $75 and up

This treatment includes product and technique designed specifically for anti-aging while following close to the process listed for the Signature Facial. This leaves the delicate facial skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and less likely to show the inevitable signs of aging.


Quick Fresh Facial - 40 min. - $50 and up

Designed specifically for busy ladies!! This facial includes brightening cleansers and mask, exfoliation, steam and simple massage, all combined to create the ideal “freshen-up treatment” for a date night or other special event.


Teen Facial - 1 hr. - $60 and up

A gentle facial that keeps young skin looking its best, even when puberty makes keeping healthy skin a challenge.  The skin will be cleaned, exfoliated and nourished, all with a focus of instilling good skincare habits for life. This treatment can be customized for acne-prone skin.


Back Facial - 1 hr. - $70 and up

This back and shoulder treatment includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation with steam, extractions, nourishing mask and massage. This treatment is especially tailored for (but not limited to) those who have experienced back and/or shoulder breakouts and acne.     60 minutes



Treatment Packages  

include five (5) separate treatments of Signature, Timeless or Teen Facials for the cost of four (4). These treatments can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly, dependent on need. Also includes FREE FULL-SIZE RETAIL PRODUCT specific for your needs, once full payment is complete. One person per package.


Waxing Services 

Facial waxing can be added to any above service or done as a single service. Cost is dependent on need and will add extra time to service.




Back Treatment - $45 and up

For men who don't want to take their shirt off due to pimples, acne, blackheads, and other unsightly blemishes. Includes product treatment, massage, and extraction.


Shoulder Treatment  - $25 and up

Product and extractions work together to make your shoulders and neck beach ready.


Back Wax  - $50 and up

Chest Wax - $45 and up

Nape Wax - $15 and up