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Updated: May 15, 2020

We are missing all our Muse's. I don't know about you but we're having a hard time adjusting to this new lifestyle. It's really cutting into my glam routine. Although outgrown roots look trendy and hip on some, to others, not so much. Here are five ways to hide your roots that are guaranteed to get by until your next appointment.


One way to hide your roots is by camouflaging them. The quickest way to accomplish this without hair accessories is with a simple braid. By pulling all the hair together this removes the focus from where your roots appear most prominent, where the hair naturally parts. It also blends all the colors together to give the hair a more natural appearance. Braids don't require a lot of skill or time and it's a great way to look more made up. French braid, fishtail braid, or crown braid are all simple techniques anyone can learn and are very pretty.

To prep the hair, work a small amount of product into the hair, we recommend Moroccanoil Texture Clay cocktailed with a small amount of Moroccanoil treatment oil to add some texture. This makes it easier to handle the strands and calms down flyaways. Once your braid is complete finish it off with a setting or hair spray, like the Saints and Sinners Divine Flexible Working Hair Spray to keep it in place for lasting results.


The best way to hide roots is to cover them up and one of the biggest hair trends in 2019 is the headwrap. This is the version of the headband but using a scarf. This gives a very feminine look by wrapping it around the head and finishing with a soft bow at the neck, or you can try the cool rockabilly look by opting for a red polka-dot headband that finishes with a cute bow on the top of your head.

Simply tie up your tousled main and wrap the scarf around the head.


It’s the simplest and fastest way to keep your roots under wraps and considering that the big, floppy brim hats are still very much a trend this year, you can easily pull off a super chic look. There are loads of styles which can be worn indoors and out, like straw hats, fedoras or even simple baseball caps, so make sure you choose one that suits your face shape and your overall look for the day.

If you're like me I go days in between hair washing and my hair tends to get a little oily. Dry shampoo works wonders to keep my hair from looking greasy.

Dry shampoo absorbs excess scalp grease and gives your hair something akin to a camouflaging texture. While this product doesn't make your roots disappear entirely, it does help blur the edges and goes a long way in lightening up the darkness growing out. Dry shampooing your roots is a very easy and fast way of making them less noticeable, and the great news is that lighter shades of hair can even use household products already in the home. If you happen to be blonde, try gently rubbing in a bit of baby powder, or if you're a brunette, even brown eyeshadow does the trick well.

Two brands we love are Loma or the Moroccanoil brand. Both do a great job of eliminating the greasy look by absorbing oil and buildup, leaving the hair smelling fresh and clean. Moroccanoil offers two options depending if you have light or dark tresses.


Blur the look of your roots by slicking back your hair. By creating a wet appearance, hair will look darker, which makes your regrowth less noticeable. A sleep pony tail or bun looks chic and classy and goes with any outfit.

To achieve a sleek style mix together a small amount of pomade, mouse, or styling cream with a shine serum or spray. Comb all the hair back into your hand using a tail comb and band together. To turn this into a bun simply wrap around the band and pin in place. Voila! Simple as that.

To hold this look all day long finish with a strong hold hairspray. We recommend the three products below for optimum shine for that sleek look.


Nothing creates amazing volume like a salon blow-dry that adds body and volume at the roots and helps to cover up unwanted regrowth, but there's no reason why you can't recreate this look at home. To create volume yourself, just take a small section of hair from the crown of your head, hold it up straight, and comb the roots up and down for texture. If you don't want to use a spray, you can get a volumising foam, which is lighter and distributes to the hair more evenly in some cases. Creating waves or soft curls is a great way of hiding roots - in fact, textured hair actually suits and looks better with roots which give it a beachy, bedhead look.

To get glamorous volume work a small amount of a thickening mousse through damp hair at the roots and a thickening lotion through the rest of the hair. Blow dry and style as preferred.

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