• Stephanie Karns

Hair Extensions - Are they worth the investment?


(image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/121808364893541702/)

Hair extensions look gorgeous, when done properly. And as with anything you pay for what you get. As we peruse through fashion magazines we see female celebrities sporting beautiful flowing coiffed mains as they glide down the red carpet, making us envious to want their look. But it seems these days selecting extensions is like ordering a specialty coffee. Real, animal, or synthetic hair? Curly, wavy, or straight? Short, medium or long? Clip in, sewn in, rivets, tape in, or glued in? And then there's colored, not colored, can they be colored... Are you overwhelmed yet? Hopefully I can provide some assistance in helping you with your decision from my past experiences.

Many years ago I worked at a nail technician for a very busy salon. We gals in the beauty industry go through dramatic shifts in what we want for our hair on a monthly if not weekly basis. One particular week, I decided I wanted a dramatic change. Usually I go with shorter cut or change in color but this time I wanted a fresh new do. Something I've never had before that involved long flowing locks. And the only way to do that was to buy them. At that time there weren't very many options for extensions. In fact the most popular were sewn in weaves. The process if fairly simple but very time consuming. It involves braiding tiny cornrows at the scalp spaced every few inches along the back of the head. These will be use to sew the hair track to. The first image is what I was expecting but the second image is what I got.