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What is a blowout?

The Blowout started to gain popularity in the beauty industry a little over five years ago. Back then it was only available in high end salons in major cities but these days nearly every salon offers it. This short process utlizes amino acids to smooth and seal the hair giving it a sleek and shiney appearance that can last for months.

A Blowout is a professional salon only service guaranteed to improve the health and condition of the hair. Chemical straighteners can last a lot longer than a blowout. However they usually contain harsh chemicals that are smelly and there's a higher risk of damaging the hair, making the Blowout a much safter alternative. On average the cost for blowout is around $200, depending on length and type of hair. The kicker is you can wash your hair the very next day. Chemical straighteners require no washing or styling hair in a rubberband or barrette for at least two days.

If you choose to go for the blowout follow these recommended at home maintanence tips to keep your hair looking healthy and lustrous until your next visit.

1. Don't use store bought products - Most store and infomercial hair care products contain sulfates that will break the seal on that hair shaft making it lose it's shine and protection from damage. Using products that aren't recommended by your stylist can end up requiring another blowout weeks before it's necessary. There are plenty of shampoo/conditioners that are sulfate free. Muse Salon and Spa recommends Loma.

2. Wash infrequently - This is a general rule of thumb. Overwashing can dry out the hair by stripping the natural oils. Day old hair also styles better than freshly washed hair and usually looks better as well.

3. Don't over condition - Conditioner should only be used on the mid shaft all the way to the ends of the hair, avoiding the scalp. Conditioner can leave residue on the scalp that can lead to flaking.

4. Rinse with cool or cold water - Rinsing with cold water seals in moisture and increases shine. Hot water rinsing can opens up the pores and the cuticle of your hair shaft that will make the hair dry and brittle.

To get more information about Loma products check out the our product information at the bottom of our web page. Loma can be purchase at Muse Salon and Spa at 280 N. Latah St., Boise, ID 208-424-2220. Call for a free consultation.

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